Elizabeth & Jeremy

Just a couple who loves to capture the love you share!

Hiya, it's me, Elizabeth!
ps. You can call me Liz
You can find me digging around my garden, will it grow? I don't know!
From the tiniest moments of  joy, to the moments that change our lives, I want to remember them all!
The moment Jeremy and I met was like a scene from a movie. It was like time stopped and it was only us! I know, I know it sounds corny, but that is my fondest memory. The moment that marked the start of our Love Story! I'm so thankful that I documented that night so that I can look back on it forever!
Photography and all things Art have always been a huge part of my life. From painting at the kitchen table as a kid to embroidering little patches, you would always find me with a new craft project! Photography is the one that has always stuck with me though, I'll enjoy the others for relaxation or fun, but when I want to create, that's when I grab my camera and head out!
Jeremy’s world
Ever get that feeling you've found your perfect teammate in life? That's Elizabeth and I! We're partners in everything: adventures, bad jokes, and Photography of course! While Elizabeths behind the camera you'll find me capturing behind the scenes and special moments, checking out the area for interesting locations, and of course holding anything she may need! 
When we aren't working with amazing clients like you, we love to capture our own photography, drawn to the beauty of nature you will find us each in the flowers capturing our own visions and comparing them later! While my favorite thing is probably winding down with some music, I’ll never turn down the chance to spend time together in the garden. 
Here’s the thing, my love for Elizabeth and photography fuels my fire to support her dreams in every way. Believing in the beauty of authentic moments and wanting to cherish them forever! Finding joy in supporting one another in everything life throws at us and everything we dream to acheive. 
Inspired by nature your sure to see fields of flowers, hiking trails, mountain overlooks or even some simple floral arrangements throughout our work. This connection to nature, eachother, and the lord, drives us to create photos that are timeless, romantic, and, most importantly Real! 
Jeremy knew I had always wanted what I called a “real camera” and in 2022 that was my birthday gift. It didn't take long for me to find my groove and my passion! I was quickly out on missions to get that perfect photo or learn a new technique! It was only a few months later that I knew I wanted to pursue this farther. With countless hours of research, practice, and a bit of help along the way, I was right where I wanted to be. 
That is where this all started!
With a Passion to capture every moment of Love, Happiness, Joy, and connection authentically for you!
Not only does this allow us to work on our own personal dreams of being parents and homeowners. This also gives us the opportunity to help our friends, our families, and our community. This allows us to spread the love the lord has shown us!
Now, we are serving the East Coast as your favorite Photographer Couple! With me, Liz, behind the camera and Jeremy capturing all our social media content needs! Let be real though, he has the hardest job… Carrying the camera bag! 
We are your team for documenting your special moments in an authentic, emotive, and creative way! We have you covered from graduation to anniversaries to I Do and beyond!
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